High-precision lightning data services

Antena LINET

LINET has antennas all over Europe and in many countries around the world.

Fulgura is a company with experienced professionals in the lightning sector: prevention, protection, investigation and standardization.

We provide lightning data customized to every customer need. There are specific solutions for energy suppliers, wind power companies, weather services, meteorological-service providers, insurers, outdoor activities and others.

Lightning data is obtained with the high efficiency European lightning detection network LINET that offers: total lightning detection, very good detection efficiency and high location accuracy.

Some of the products and services:

Storm tracking, nowcasting and warning

LINET view is the professional application that shows the current global view of the electrical storms

LINET_view visualizes and analyzes the current or any historical lightning situation

activity and the historical lightning. Alarm areas are defined around the points of interest (e.g. wind farm, electric power lines) and the client can receive alarms when a storm approaches. The main benefits are:

  • Warning of approaching thunderstorms with SMS and email for security and protection.
  • Monitoring and analysis of detected lightning.
  • Automatic list with lightning in the areas around the lines that include: time, location, current and distance from the line, which can be stored for documentation and analysis.
  • Animation of storm cells, cell tracking and nowcasting.
  • Real-time statistics that assess the severity of the active storms.
  • Online access from any computer.

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Customized lightning data

Data can be provided in real time and historical through an access fitted to the user. Or just deliver lightning information for a certain period.

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Lightning activity reports

Realizamos cualquier análisis relacionado con la actividad de rayos.

We provide any analysis related to lightning activity.

Reports of any kind of analysis related to lightning activity.

Maps with lightning impacts or lightning density

Maps with lightning activity during a period of time in a zone or with the frequency of lightning.

LINET spot

Specific application to evaluate damages related to lightning. Automatic and instant reports about lightning incidences: if it was storm activity, possible impacts or overvoltages. Widely used by insurers.

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You can contact Fulgura for these, other more customized products or a free trial:

Email: info@fulgura.es

Telephone: +34 93 783 36 68